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Laptops & PC Virus Removal 

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Laptop Screen Replacement

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Blue Screen Errors

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Refurbished Laptops



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Scorpion Computers PC Laptop Repair carry out all types of laptop screen repair.

Do you have a laptop, netbook, notebook or a Macbook computer? Do you require a screen repair? Whether the screen is smashed or cracked we can repair or replace the screen for you here at Scorpion Computers PC Repair . We have almost all types of screen replacements in our workshop and can usually complete repair within 24 hours. We refuse to use cheap screens for laptop screen repairs as other companies tend to do and all our screens come with a 12 month warranty.

Listed below are common faults with laptop screens:

  • Physical damage which is visible to the eye, this could be dents or cracks on the screen, as after time

  • the problem will only get worse as well as it being an eyesore.

  • A dark/ black display even when the computer is switched on.

  • Vertical or horizontal lines that appear on the screen.

  • Flickering of the display image, this commonly becomes worst as the laptop is moved.


If you require a screen replacement for your laptop call Scorpion Computers PC Repair today.

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